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Sigur Rós Sucks

Ever wonder what it would be like if baby talk could become a whole band? Wonder no longer, friends, because it already happened. Some of

A.I. Music Sucks

BREAKING: we interrupt your daily doomscroll with an emergency broadcast addressing the use of A.I. technology in music! It’s impossible to keep up with all


Just when you thought the ’90s Boy Band Fandom Wars were over, the podcast pulls you back in! Take a trip with us to the

Wilco Sucks

  Look, if you’re not sitting there wondering “who in the hell is Wilco?” then you’re old enough to’ve lived through the press cycle for

Lynyrd Skynyrd Sucks

Yep, this is the official favorite band of every moron who wants to yell something at a concert even though they don’t have anything original

Cat Stevens Sucks

Settle in, young ‘uns, and listen to a tale about the time an entire generation of rubes fell for the nonsense nursery rhyme stylings of

Christmas Music Sucks: Part 5

Life happens so we had to skip the last one but the traditional YFBS anti-Christmas episode is needed this year more than ever. Question: how

Dream Theater Sucks

  We disperse this episode unto the wilderness not so that we may receive countless responses from peasants who “never even heard of these guys

Bon Iver Sucks

  According to certain ancient pagan religions, bon iver translates to “world ender,” which is fitting because this dude has single-handedly destroyed like three different