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This holiday season we thought it would be nice to bring back a truly deep, old-school Q4 discount by taking 100% off the value of

Cream Sucks

Please consider this episode of the podcast your one-time-only, always-true, get-it-tattooed-somewhere-on-your-body-and-never-worry-about-new-facts-coming-to-light reminder: you do not under any circumstances need to hand it to the band

The 1975 Sucks

If you’ve heard of The 1975 but aren’t really sure where, they’re the British one with the lead singer who’s been giving everyone a different

Bob Seger Sucks

Please, for the love of all that is decent in the world, leave those old records on the shelf, Bob! Even if the music you

The Weeknd Sucks

You know, it really was a great question… What if there was a new R&B singer pop star who represented modern attitudes toward sexual inhibition

Avenged Sevenfold Sucks

Every person who’s gonna get mad about this episode was a member of the final generation to still believe all the time they spent hanging

Alice in Chains Sucks

Is it possible this is the Actual Most Depressing Grunge Band out of all the depressing grunge bands to ever exist? Turns out some bands

Simon & Garfunkel Sucks

Was this musical partnership a timeless classic or a barely functional soap opera nearly running off the rails at every turn? Simon & Garfunkel were