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Maroon 5 Sucks

BREAKING NEWS: Today we interrupt our regular schedule to release an emergency update on the currently developing Maroon 5 situation. As fans of the podcast

21 Pilots Suck

How did this even work? Oh, the plan is obvious – recycle all the late ’90s/early ’00s angst of grunge and nu-metal with a twist

T. Rex Sucks

There are only two types of music that have this many “fa la la la la”s in the lyrics, T. Rex songs and Christmas songs,

The Talking Heads Suck

Oh, no! Not an episode on baby’s first “smart” band! Yeah, that’s right, folks. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wouldn’t be

The Chainsmokers Suck

You do at least have to give The Chainsmokers credit for figuring out how to pander to the absolute lowest common denominator of people who

AC/DC Sucks

How shocked would you be if anyone in this band was able to explain to explain alternating or direct currents? That’s right, folks. AC/DC is

Phish Sucks

A lot of people have asked us why Phish wasn’t the very first episode of this podcast. Well, do you really need us to tell

Black Flag Sucks

Black Flag Sucks

You’re not alone and you’re not crazy. All anyone has to do is listen to any 5 Black Flag songs to confirm this has always been a terrible band. Everybody’s just afraid to say it.

Maybe since you can’t leave your house without seeing that logo, everyone assumes a ton of people must be listening to the band? They’re not. Nobody likes this music. (Well, except for Grateful Dead fans but you can’t trust them.)… Continue reading Black Flag Sucks