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Coldplay Sucks

Ever since we opened up 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts to requests, there’ve been a few bands who are by far requested above all others. We can’t do all those episodes right away because you’ve always got to keep the crowd wanting more but, every now and then, it comes time to give the people what they want. Today is one of those days.

And it’s not like this will be a tough episode to do or anything, right? Coldplay is one of the most hated bands in existence. If anything, it almost feels like punching down. Ah, well, it’s a dirty job but someone must do it!… Continue reading Coldplay Sucks

YouTube Comments Suck

Nobody asked for it but we have to deal with it so now you do, too! Today, Mark and Tyler sit down to read the best YouTube comments left over the past few years. And by “best,” we mean 99% of them are horrible because YouTube comments are one of the worst places on the Internet. Enjoy!… Continue reading YouTube Comments Suck

David Bowie Sucks

David Bowie is perhaps the most successful con artist of all time. You wanna hear about someone who got away with straight up grifting for like 50 years? Today we’re talking about a guy who probably would have committed infanticide if someone told him it was the only way he could ever become famous. If you’re imagining all the incredibly embarrassing and awful behavior one could expect from a person like that, buddy, it’s worse. David Bowie sucks harder than it should even be possible to suck.… Continue reading David Bowie Sucks

The Replacements Suck

So here’s a thought: you’re legitimately a sadist if this is your favorite band. There has never been a greater real life example of a million monkeys in a room with typewriters accidentally reproducing Shakespeare’s body of work, except The Replacements only took four humans hating how bad they were at life and their instruments for about a decade in order to make whichever four songs you believe justify the rest of this inexcusable career. Imagine being from Minneapolis and having to argue The Clash simply weren’t drunk enough so you can pretend your city matters to the history of rock music.… Continue reading The Replacements Suck

Butt Songs

You assed for it, you got it! Okay, nobody really asked us to do an episode on songs about butts but the response to our Guiltless Pleasures playlist episode was awesome so it’s safe to assume you’re thrilled we went ahead and recorded two experiments in this format. This time we discuss 8 songs instead of just 6, which means this thing is just crammed full of butts. Needless to say, this episode is probably the most NSFW thing we’ve ever done. Enjoy!… Continue reading Butt Songs

Frank Sinatra Sucks

Well, well, well… After several years of sidebar potshots in so many episodes, it is finally time for the original fuckboy pop singer to take a turn in the spotlight. And, look, we’re not even going to do that usual thing where we pretend a bunch of fans are going to get pissed off about this because, let’s be honest, everyone in 2021 is deeply aware of how much Frank Sinatra sucks. Anyone still listening to this trash has problems a podcast can’t fix. No, that’s not what we’re here to do today. We’re here to say all the mean things you’ve always wondered why nobody ever said about a talentless hack who absolutely deserves every word of it.… Continue reading Frank Sinatra Sucks

Death Grips Sucks

If P.T. Barnum had lived to hear Death Grips, he’d have updated to quote to say there are 10 suckers born every minute because there hasn’t been such a successful grift as this in the music business since at least the Sex Pistols. The “music” is obviously unlistenable because the music is always irrelevant when it comes to bands who get fast-tracked through the hype machine. But Death Grips also sucks for reasons that go so far beyond the music itself. Want to know more? If only there was an episode of a podcast you could listen to about it…… Continue reading Death Grips Sucks

Guiltless Pleasures

It’s one of the most common responses to this podcast, “Oh yeah? Well what do you listen to?!?” The answer: whatever we want. Only losers sit around feeling guilty about the music they enjoy. Just to prove it, here’s a short playlist of undeniable jams, presented with plenty of the commentary you cherish and expect from your delightful hosts.

(NOTE: due to the inclusion of songs, this episode is available exclusively on Spotify. Spotify Premium users will hear the full songs and everyone with free Spotify accounts will hear only 30 second previews.… Continue reading Guiltless Pleasures

Joy Division Sucks

It is undeniably tragic that so many people believe a trendy t-shirt design equates to good music. And you’d think doing an episode on Tool-for-sad-kids would be too depressing to be anyone’s idea of a good time but this was such a bad “band” on every level that it actually pushes past the bleakness to become hilarious. Make sure you’re ready to never willingly listen to Joy Division again before pressing play.… Continue reading Joy Division Sucks

RIP Music

None of your other trusted sources of news were doing their jobs so it’s once more up to the Joint Chiefs of Stuff to come correct with the scoop: music has officially been scheduled for extinction. Oh, you haven’t heard how things are going at Rolling Stone magazine right now? You haven’t figured out why half the bands you see on someone’s t-shirt every time you go outside are selling their publishing catalogs? Well, friends, press play to receive the most critical information download of the year.… Continue reading RIP Music