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Mini Episode 001: Mark and Tyler Read Fan Mail

Mark and Tyler Read Fan Mail
CREDIT: William DeShazer for The Wall Street Journal


Never have fans. Trust us, you’ll regret it.

For some reason, there are a lot of people who see a podcast about their terrible taste in music as an invitation to contact the hosts and, y’know, say things… Yeah, it’s pretty inexcusable behavior but, since we don’t seem to be able to put a stop to it, we may as well share some of the best/worst specimens.

Here’s the first YFBS mini-episode! Mark and Tyler give their no-holds-barred, completely uncensored responses to fan mail. (And, let’s be clear, every e-mail we get is fan mail, especially the rage-fueled, typo’d-at-3am-half-drunk-in-your-underwear emails. You’re a fan. We don’t like it either but you’re a fan. Deal with it.)


Gorillaz Suck

Gorillaz Suck

Clint Eastwood should sue these clowns.

Anyone remember when cartoons were for kids and nobody on the planet would dream of confusing the soundtrack with, you know, music? Gorillaz make albums for adults who still eat bowls of cereal for breakfast. The favorite band of Eloi everywhere.

It’s offensive that anyone thinks we’re supposed to take this seriously. Gorillaz suck.

Oasis Sucks

Oasis Sucks

Alright, here’s your proof.

Oasis is hard evidence that talent and work ethic have nothing to do with “making it” in music. If millions of people bought this, they’d buy anything. Liam Gallagher is maybe the worst singer that’s been discussed on our show so far. Noel Gallagher has probably been sued for plagiarism more times than Madonna. It’s a miracle he’s never tried to pass off “Mary Had a Little Lamb” as an original composition. BONUS: every single jerkoff cover of “Wonderwall” that you’ve ever had to hear is this band’s fault.

But, hey, we’ll admit the Gallaghers seem like very nice guys!

Queens of the Stone Age Sucks

Queens of the Stone Age Sucks

You’d think a band with this many songs about drugs could be more than a one-hit wonder but that’s just how much Queens of the Stone Age sucks. Someone should invent time travel just so we can send these guys back to prehistory for more guitar riffs.

Queens fans think it’s impossible to dislike this band. Press play. We’ll show you how it’s done.

The Strokes Suck

The Strokes Suck
From a music business standpoint, here’s a textbook example of what not to do.
Those of you who remember how this all went down (and, boy, did it go down), you know why this hilarious history lesson is necessary, even though The Strokes never actually did a single thing that mattered, one single thing to deliver on the hype fabricated around them. Just like they requested, The Strokes are well on their way to ultimately being forgotten.
Dig out your fave vintage t-shirt that you bought on eBay and wear it one more time while we take this little trip down memory lane…

Phil Collins Sucks

Phil Collins Sucks

Phil Collins sucks so much that it almost feels mean to make fun of him. But we are mean, so who cares?

We’ll admit that it’s honestly pretty impressive how much of a douchebag this guy is but that’s not enough for us to excuse the sheer amount of terrible music he’s created. If the only song he ever made was “In the Air Tonight,” then he’d probably still deserve an episode because that’s among the actual worst songs that has ever been made by anyone. And that’s only one Phil Collins song.

It’s terrifying to consider how many more episodes of this podcast we could make about him but that’s only to be expected when Ringo Starr is the only drummer in history who is more overrated than Phil.

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